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About Us
Why L&L Running Rebels?
Just ask past and present parents.  Check testimonials for more information.
Our Program
L&L Running Rebels is a non-profit organization and a member of the National Amateur Athletics Union (AAU) Organization. Based in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area, we are committed to the development of young basketball players in preparation for college level play.
As a serious travel AAU program that competes at national tournaments throughout the USA during the Spring, Summer and Fall, we look for dedicated high school level basketball players that want to compete at the highest level.
Our Philosophy
We focus on individual player development, insuring that your basketball player reaches their fullest potential. The value of practice time, combined with training and skill development from our coaching staff that possesses extensive experience and success as both players and coaches, is reinforced in our program. We will insure that your kid spends as much time in the gym working on and developing their game as they will spend performing on a national stage.
Our Past
Founded in the Spring of 2010, L&L Running Rebels was originally formed to provide young basketball players in the Lehigh Valley an opportunity to “step outside” of their comfort zone and compete against players throughout the country.  We believe that exposure to increased competition and diversity of playing styles is necessary to insure continued development of basketball skills. 
Additionally, playing in other venues allow kids to display their talents on a much bigger stage and draw attention to the fact that high quality basketball, and potential basketball recruits can be found in other areas of the country besides the traditional hotbeds.  Our program has since drawn interest from outside the Lehigh Valley / Pocono Mountain area with kids participating on the team from New Jersey as well as far as the greater Philadelphia area. 
Our Future
Due to increased interest from players aspiring to compete in higher level basketball, L&L will be expanding to include additional teams for the 2018 season.  By focusing on high school level teams, the program insures that team resources are dedicated to your kid's development and parents and players realize the value of participating in our program.  L&L Running Rebels will include one 11th grade (U17), 2 - 10th grade (U16) and 2- 9th grade (U15) teams competing in the 2018 grassroots season.